Sectoral Commettee For Vocational Training
In Environmental Protection

27-29, George Enescu St. Sector 1,
010303 Bucharest

Email: secretariat@csfpm.ro
Website: www.csfpm.ro

Sectoral Committee for Vocational Training in Environmental Protection – CSFPM, is an NGO, bipartite, participating in national and sectoral strategies in vocational and professional training and in developing the regulatory framework for training, assessment and certify the competence in environmental protection.

CSFPM gives an advisory opinion to applicants in order to update the Classification of Occupations in Romania, regarding the Occupations (jobs) in the field of environmental protection. Environmental specialists are recommended by CSFPM to analyze occupational competence and qualification, to define skills and qualifications in the sector, for development, verification and validation of occupational standards, for verification and validation of professional standards and professional skills assessment and certification based on occupational standards.

Since its establishment, 2006, the Sectoral Committee for Vocational Training in Environmental Protection CSFPM was involved in activities and participated in projects developed within the National Council for Adult Training.

Most recently, CSFPM was the promoter of the strategic project titled “PRO COMPETENT! Qualification and certification of competences for a sustainable development “, financed by the European Social Fund and by the Romanian Government, through the Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development.


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