Viale Sarca, 223 – 20126 Milano

E-Mail: info@texclubtec.it
Website: www.texclubtec.it

TexClubTec is the Italian Association of Innovative Technical Textiles whose main goal is boosting knowledge, know-how and promotion of the Italian technical textiles.

TexClubTec offers itself as a referring point on the market willing to provide members a useful platform, not only focused on technology, helping them solving problems, from planning and developing products up to their launch on the market.

TexClubTec activity is concentrated into 3 main areas:

1. Spreading knowledge

about technical and innovative textiles, to support companies in monitoring markets and in being always updated about new raw materials and developments.

  • Periodical newsletters and publication of technical magazine “Tex Innovation”;
  • Market research;
  • In-depth technological studies ;
  • Regulation updating;
  • Conferences focused on technological and scientific development;
  • Training collective or customized course.

2. Strengthening networks

and relationships among companies, favoring the creation of entire supply chains, planning new and innovative research projects and boosting meetings among Italian and European companies.

  • Arrangement of meetings about topics of common interest;
  • Companies presentation and workshops;
  • National and International research projects;
  • Link between companies from different countries;
  • Support in participating in events promoted by European institutions of the sector.

3. Promoting

members’ products, boosting their presentation in the different application areas and their sale on the Italian and international market.

  • Collective clusters at the most important fairs of the sector;
  • International trade missions

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