Experimental phase started and content of Ecosign Course for ECO-DESIGNERS

After 28 months of intensive work, the Ecosign consortium has developed the structure of the courses and their contents. From April 2018 to end July 2018, the experimental phase of the ECOSIGN project will be kicked off with the implementation of “Pilot Cases experiences”, which will test the training paths developed for the sectors involved: food packaging, electric & electronic goods, textile & clothing.

The courses will be free and divided into two modules. The first introduces the topic of eco-design considering various aspects, such as general principles, trends, legislative framework, life cycle cost analysis and environmental management systems.

The second module, on the other hand, will introduce Eco-design principles for each specific sector. At the end of the course a “project work” is foreseen where participants will have to set up a “close to market” project by applying expertise and knowledge acquired during the course.

In the newsletter attached you will find more information about the courses.

If you would like to participate in the experimental phase or know more about the project, please contact us at info@ecosign-project.eu

ECOSIGN Newsletter no 6_ENG



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