European Commission has published the Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019

The EU Commission has published the Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019 providing crucial insights into how the EU’s energy efficiency rules will be developed in that period.

Under the 2005 Ecodesign Directive, it has been established that the Commission must publish a working plan every three years setting out the list of product groups to be considered as priorities for the adoption of future energy efficiency standards. Prior to the latest adopted plan, the Commission had published two working plans, for the periods 2009–2011 and 2012–2014.

This latest 2016-2019 working plan has identified seven new product groups which have not been included in previous working plans or in the 2005 Ecodesign Directive, that are: electric kettles, hand dryers, elevators, building automation and control systems, solar panels and inverters, refrigerated containers, and high pressure cleaners. They will now become the focus of preparatory studies with a view to adopting individual implementing measures for each group.

To be underlined the prominence given at page 8 to the Ecodesign Directive’s potential to contribute to the EU achieving its circular economy goals. In this regard, the Commission has committed itself to examining numerous aspects relevant to the circular economy when revising existing implementing measures and developing new ones.

This will involve the Commission assessing the possibility of establishing more product-specific requirements in the areas of durability, reparability and recyclability. It has also stated that it intends to develop a circular economy ‘toolbox’ for Ecodesign, with a view to developing improved material efficiency requirements. The working plan notes that these could ultimately be included in revised and new implementing measures.

To view the entire text of the Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019:


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