Profile of Textile Eco-Designer

Ecosign Project, started on 1st November 2015 and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, aims to create a partnership in eco-innovation knowledge and to fulfill the designers’ lack of expertise in this field, focusing on the three following sectors: food packaging, electronic and electric devices  and Textiles & Clothing.

As a first step, it has been defined the profile of Textile Eco-Designer that will be a technician who will have to  match his/her own creative skills and a good knowledge of materials and processes, understand certifications, consider the legal and regulatory constraints, with attention  also to the requirements for export, and design in an eco-design logic without losing sight of the industrialization of the product. This figure, thanks to the ability to design taking into account constraints and opportunities, is a precious resource capable of interacting both with the production as with the commercial marketing area. More news and info at


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